Senators stand on one leg for a minute in support, solidarity for Isaiah Jacob

Senators stand on one leg for a minute in support, solidarity for Isaiah Jacob

KUALA LUMPUR,. The Dewan Negara sitting took place in a slightly emotional atmosphere today when the senators stood on one leg for one minute as a sign of support and solidarity for Senator Isaiah Jacob.

Earlier, the one-legged Isaiah in concluding his debate on the Supply Bill 2023 in which he touched on the welfare and empowerment of persons with disabilities (PwD), called on all senators to stand up with him.

“I have stood on one leg for 14 minutes and 15 seconds to debate. One leg…we are abled people…

“I want to end my speech by calling all of you, including the Honourable Speaker…to stand up with me for one minute, on one leg,” he said, which received the support from all senators who then stood on one leg in solidarity for him.

In his debate, Isaiah used the term ‘special persons’ instead of PwD and proposed for a PwD Affairs Committee to be set up under the purview of the Prime Minister’s Department.

He said this was because the Social Welfare Department (JKM) which is currently responsible for looking after the welfare of special persons is seen to have many constraints because it also needs to pay attention to other groups such as single mothers, patients as well as victims of fires and other disasters.

“If we have this committee, it will take over the purview of PwD affairs from the JKM and it will monitor and review the implementation of the PwD Act 2008, the allowances for PwD and its possible increase every two years.

So, I do hope all senators will support the setting up of the committee.

“We also hope that the special group be identified and registered directly with their identity card. No need to register with JKM or get the PwD cards as some abled people have been abusing the cards to enjoy the privileges meant for the disabled,” he said.

Isaiah said he is always ready to help JKM and also the Prime Minister’s Department in realising his proposal in order to empower the disabled community in this country which is seen as lagging behind other countries.


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