Edotco debuts the first 5G private network at Langkawi International Airport

Edotco debuts the first 5G private network at Langkawi International Airport

KUALA LUMPUR,. edotco Group, the Malaysia-based regional end-to-end integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company, recently debuted the first 5G private network at the Langkawi International Airport (LIA) in Kedah.

According to edotco, it has installed a fully operating 5G network based on 3.5 GHz C-band spectrum to provide coverage inside the airport, in collaboration with US-based Peatalk Corporation.

“In addition, the backhaul solution from Peatalk also includes millimetre wave transmission technology operating in the 70GHz band for over more than 10km without loss of signal integrity.

“The network is a software-defined network-setting reference point for the industry that can continue to facilitate future 5G rollouts,” it said in a statement today.

It said the live network enabled the demonstration of four smart airport use cases in real-time, including asset management via smart devices installed on airport trolleys, air quality monitoring, seamless facial recognition as well as a significant increase of public WiFi speed at the airport.

“The network was capable of speeds of up to 1.5Gbps,” it said, adding that the success of this implementation using alternative technology vendors opens the way for Malaysia to adopt 5G extensively as an enterprise connectivity solution for major industries.

“edotco believes that private networks, essentially a standalone deployment of 5G for a location typically for industrial use, will be a major component of the 5G story.” — Bernama

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