Deputy minister to wind up debate in future Youth Parliament sittings – PM

Deputy minister to wind up debate in future Youth Parliament sittings – PM

BANGI,. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has suggested for deputy ministers to be involved in at least one winding-up session in the next Malaysian Youth Parliament sitting.

He said the move would ensure that matters raised during the debate session would receive feedback and information from the relevant ministries.

“I understand that those who will answer or wind up later are not representatives from the Cabinet or deputy ministers. I want us to regard this Youth Parliament as important.

“I would like to propose that in future, if food security issues are being discussed like today, involving the Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry and so on, there will be at least a deputy minister present to wind up the debate session as complete information on the matters raised are with the relevant ministries.

“For issues on security, the Home Ministry can send a deputy minister to give answers to the issues raised at the Youth Parliament sitting,” he told reporters after attending the 2022 Malaysian Youth Parliament sitting here today.

Ismail Sabri also congratulated the Youth Parliament members who appeared to be experienced in presenting arguments during the debate session.

The Youth Parliament sitting from June 14 to 16 involves 90 delegates who will debate motions related to youth development in the country.


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