Covid-19 : Fully recovered 13th victim praises government hospital care

Covid-19 : Fully recovered 13th victim praises government hospital care

KUALA LUMPUR,. “My experience here has shown that a public hospital is capable of providing quality and high standard services. Malaysians should be proud of this.”

The accolades were from the 13th Covid-19 positive patient in Malaysia, who today was discharged from the isolation ward at the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Setar, Kedah after a full recovery from the disease.

In an interview with the Health Ministry that was obtained by Bernama, the 40-year-old woman said before she was infected with Covid-19, she had never once been warded at a government hospital, and even had a wrong perception of the services there.

Relating her experience while undergoing treatment, the younger sister to the ninth case and first local infection said she had found it very hard to accept that and her family members had been infected.

“I was extremely worried about my family members, especially about my children. Fortunately, all of us are back healthy now.

“Through contact tracing it was found that I was infected with Covid-1919 and was isolated from my family members and friends from the start. I thank the government for their efforts in protecting Malaysians from the COVID-19 infection. I appreciate all the efforts. Thank you!” said the woman who was tested Covid-19 positive on February 4.

She said she was glad to have recovered fully as she could finally meet her family members and get outdoors after being kept in the isolation ward for over two weeks.

She also thanked hospital staff for the excellent service throughout her treatment.

The woman also urged the public to remain calm, help each other and not have any fear in seeking help or medical attention if they had symptoms of the infection.

“Another thing, avoid going to crowded places and always wash your hands,” she said. — Bernama

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