Anifah’s experience will attract investments to Labuan – LCC

Anifah’s experience will attract investments to Labuan – LCC

LABUAN,. The Labuan Chamber of Commerce (LCC) supports and welcomes the appointment of Dato Seri Anifah Aman as the Senator of Labuan.

As a well-known figure in Malaysian politics and a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, LCCC chairman Daniel Doughty said Anifah brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his new role. Doughty in a statement yesterday added Anifah’s appointment is a positive step towards promoting the development of Labuan’s economy and improving the welfare of its people.

“His expertise in foreign affairs, his extensive network and knowledge at federal level will be invaluable in promoting Labuan’s economic growth and attracting more foreign investments to the island,” he pointed out.

In addition, he said Labuan need to have their economic development plan align to the state while moving away from silo economy mindset, Labuan in turn can play significant role to become the economic enabler and become the logistical hub supporting the mainland town.

LCCC hopes that with such strategy in mind, the appointment of Anifah would help to strengthen Labuan and Sabah economy and harmonise several policies particular those that are effecting the island’s economy.

With the revival of the transhipment activity at Labuan and the approval of six transhipment berthing areas for ship operation at Victoria Bay, Labuan is poised to be the transhipment hub for BIMP-EAGA Region.

This development is significant not only for Labuan, but also for Sabah to take advantage on due to its close proximity, said Doughty.

LCC seeks the senator to revive the abandon halal hub and convert the area into Free Commercial Zone. This would bring in investment and create job opportunity in relabelling, repacking activity to grow and strengthen the transhipment industry.

It also seeks to relocate the RORO ferry terminal and look into creating a new new Customs, Immigration, Quarantine and Security (CIQS) centre between Tanjung Aru Labuan and Mempakul, and look into the potential of Labuan to serve as a special regional economic zone under the purview of the state and federal and extend the zone to the neighbouring mainland district.

LCCC believes that the time has come to have a shift in mindset on how we view Labuan economic development plans, despite some opposing views like PAS Labuan on the appointment of Anifah.
The Chamber sees it as an opportunity to reignite dialogue and challenge the status quo to ensure that Labuan and the nearby Sabah district’s economy is further strengthened.

LCCC looks forward to working closely with Anifah in realizing Labuan’s potential as a regional transhipment hub, strengthening the International Business Financial Centre and extend the wealth and opportunity to the nearby mainland town.

With his leadership and commitment, the Chamber is confident that Labuan’s economy will continue to thrive and benefit its people.

Anifah, who is Parti Cinta Sabah president, and former Tenom member of parliament Noorita Sual were sworn in as senators at the Dewan Negara on Monday.

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